In the early part of the growing season, I visited the Rhone region's sweetheart Chapoutier, in L'Hermite when the vines were just coming up from their sleep and tenderness was most important to kick start what would eventually become a hearty, thriving, fruit bearing, bountiful crop.

Chapoutier has many different branded vintages and wine blends offered. Too many to taste. However, prior to a beautiful luncheon at the Chapoutier restaurant, I was taken on a tour of the estate and the high hilly slopes to see the vines up close and learn the intricacies of growing and harvesting vines on such steep mountainsides. Much of the cultivation and harvest is old school because of the terrain.

The Chapoutier wines boast such rich flavours. Deep succulent textured reds, with warm finshes, nutty and herbed nuances. A family operation with a rich history of lots of hard work and tanacity over many years that produces some of the Rhone's best and beautiful wines.