We believe wine connects people together. Behind each vineyard and every bottle is a story waiting to be told.



"Wine adds a smile to friendship and a spark to love."

At Cellar Mistress Wine & Spirits, our goal is to find and introduce to you unique, hidden and limited wines from Europe’s undiscovered wineries, and reveal the stories their vintages tell.

Originally started when friends would inquire what’s really good to drink, yet value priced as they were overwhelmed by the abundance of brands from multiple regions offered by the shops. This question presented the perfect opportunity to joyfully provide an answer. 

It was that moment; I recognized wine brings people together with purpose and passion.  It elevates the spirit and the senses with its depth and complexity, nudging you closer to charm, sophistication and elegance with just one sip. It compelled me to learn more, to really understand the nuances of a craft, which is so much more than a squished grape, creating a desire to share my discoveries with those who appreciate it and even develop an intoxicating devotion to this seductive Mistress....the Wine! 


I am Sherry Thodos, WSET.

I love to scout new and unique wines to offer my clients. If you've enjoyed an inspiring wine, let me know so we may share it with the club.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to experience the most amazing and memorable wine journeys over the years; sharing laughter, love and fun times with good friends, family and colleagues. These experiences cultivated in me a passion and appreciation for wine, the art of wine making, the miracle of farming and its science, and the unique magical power wine acquaints us with joy. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to develop a palette, nor do you have to be WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) certified like me.  In fact, everyone’s palette is unique and customized, just like one’s own DNA. There’s no right or wrong, just what feels enjoyable to you… and delicious of course! 

My purpose is to empower people to enjoy unique and rare boutique wines and to utilize wine as a sophisticated tool to bring groups together for a common purpose through tastings and events.


Wine Tasting Events

Cellar Mistress wine tasting events are a unique aspect of our wine club. Private wine tasting events are held twice a year to introduce the latest exclusive vintages and newest portfolio gems to our Members. This gives you a first-hand chance to experience our complete wine portfolio.

As a chartered service, Cellar Mistress also hosts private wine tasting events for private parties and corporations interested in hosting an elegant affair.  This is a unique way to experience and share the Cellar Mistress collection of wines with any size group for rewards and recognition, networking purposes, marketing launches or business development campaigns.


Cellar Mistress Events in partnership with Forum 21 Management

is proud to present a unique wine invitation.

CMWS & Forum 21 Tuscany Event Promo.jpg
CMWS & Forum 21 Tuscany Event Promo.jpg